Big South Fork National Recreation Area February 2011

The video below is from our weekend trip to the BSFNRA. We had planned on doing a loop trial that included a large portion of Laurel Fork creek. The area received about 5” of rain before we arrived and all the creeks and river were up. I have canoed the river from Leatherwood Ford to Blue Heron several times and knew how fast the creeks and river can rise and fall. The trail we originally planned followed the creeks most of the loop with many crossings. The trail also would have been in the creek a few times.

We decided to just relax and make the best of the weekend. We took a popular trail to high ground that goes to a few river overlooks. Any time in the woods is a good thing. We had a mix of weather from sunshine to thunderstorms. I was able to try out the Packa on the way out. Great piece of gear!

Below is some video of our relaxed trip and time in the woods. At the end I show off my diy hammock with bugnet. The hammock is just a big asym hammock but the bugnet is attached in a unique way (I think)


Link to Rayn’s trip report and video from this trip