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    I agree that in your picture, the fly is too close to the hammock. Also, I agree with the advice to use the Prussic knots to pull the length of the fly taut. This should lift the fly away from the hammock and greatly improve ventilation. You may also wish to pitch the fly sides higher. Try tying off to a bush, tree branch, or use your hiking poles to lift the tie-out ends. Condensation happens when water vapor condenses on a surface that is cooler than the surrounding air. Your breath/body heat can make the air warmer than your fly and cause moisture that you are giving off to condense when it hits your cooler fly. If you are in a moist environment, wet is just going to happen. Ventilation may be your best defense against this or strategy to minimize it. In over 10 years of Hennessy use, I mostly use the stock fly. Condensation has been a problem when I used a poncho instead, or had a bad pitch situation and couldn’t really deploy properly.
    I sometimes help Tom Hennessy with shows and have heard him advise first setting the fly sides tightly, then pull the length snug with the Prussics.

    Hennessy Hammock afficionado and supporter.

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    Thanks for all the nice input. I had a chat with the folks at Hennesy Hammock and they pretty much said the same thing. I will have to experiment more with the set up.

    About the previous post on the Warmlite bag, let me say that I bought one when I use my OasisII Roof Top Tent on my Landcruiser. It is a fold up tent that fits on the roof. The tent has a fabric floor much like a trampoline and many of the same issues with bottom insulation come into play when camping in this type of tent. Let me say that the Warmlite bag has never failed to keep me comfortable even into the -10F temps. That being said it is heavy and great for car camping, maybe bike touring but not so much ultralight backpacking. So that will leave me searching this forum for some lighter ways to stay warm in my Hennesy.


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    Poly web w/AHE buc

    I was frustrated with my HH tarp

    until I switched to a separate ridgeline. Makes life somuch simpler.

    I owned a Warmlite back in the late 70s, but I did not follow the sizing instructions and it was too confining. I also had the 2" thick foam mat instead of the DAM. Made for a big bedroll!


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