My little girl has decided that she wants to have a hammock when we camp and so it appears that my Clark is to be stolen from me. I was considering getting another in the NX-250 style but the price is too steep now given the other expenses we have to deal with. That and I think I would like having a hammock that is not quite so touchy to setup. Been reading the rave reviews on the BB for a while now and thought I might give it a try for the price.

I already have a couple of tarps, a JRB large tarp and an OES tarp that was a bit too small for the Clark's length so I'm not sure if it will work with the BB either.

I'm leaning towards double 1.7. I'm 230lbs and camp in places with a lot of mosquitoes so I think I'm stuck with double layer and I'd like a lot of leeway on weight capacity since it's never just you hanging up there. There is always some extra pounds in there with you. I also like the Olive color the best.

One of my major concerns is my underquilts. I have several JRB's (Mnt Washington, No Sniveler, and a summer weight) that represent a LARGE investment of cash. Will those still be able to work with the different layout of the BB? I'm worried that the asym nature of it will end up with my feet sticking out in the air uncovered while the quilt runs down the middle. That may make this a no-go. I simply can not replace the quilts just to try a new type of hammock but if they will work then I'll be happy to give it a shot.