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    Quote Originally Posted by Passinthru View Post
    OK, this has been a big help.
    Here's my take on this so far...

    1. The empty pockets do not add a great deal of insulation.
    2. The seams between the pockets offer no insulation even with pads in place.
    3. To fill the pockets with enough gear to provide a decent amount of insulation would require more gear than I would probably want to carry.
    4. An underquilt is desirable but limits access to the pockets.
    5. An additional pad covering the seams (with Z-liners in the pockets) would solve the problem of cold spots. seems that as far as bottom insulation goes, the Clark and the Warbonnet are about even.

    Thanks for the responses - any more experience or information is certainly welcome.
    here is my experiences.first as far as cold spots go i have only noticed them when below 10 degf and i did not makesure the pockets were completly full to the corners.this has been a rare occurence.

    1.the empty pockets are all i needed for insulation for the first three summers (50 degf)that i had the clark na.last summer,the fourth,i found this forum and read about cold but that i know i have something to worry about i allways make sure i have the pockets as full as posible.i only got cold 3 times those first three years,all three times overnights went to 32 deg unexpectadly.guessing about 45 summertime hangs in that time with little more then a t shirt and a pair of pants ect in the pockets.

    2 not sure what you meen.the seems themself do not create cold spots,nor do they add warmth.

    3.this is true if you are any kind of lightweight consciense backpacker.if you use down pillows it is possible.winter sled camping is totally doable.the clark is my go to winter hammock.of course i do not yet have any other uq's suitable for winter yet.i backpacked with mine a few times last summer.on warm nights i do not worry i use spare cloths,stuff sacks,ect.if it is going to get cold i use bags of leaves,cattail down marsh grass suplement my other stuff.

    4.i have never used one with my clark.have slept to -18degf.
    most people like to use they must work good.i would not get a clark if i used an uq.

    5.i tried a pad one time did not like it.would work for summer insulation.again never had much problem with cold spots.

    if i was offered a choice of a clark or a warbonet hammocks(or any other single or double layer uninsulated hammock ) to sleep in one night,and no other under insulation was offered,i would take the clark no hesitation.the dead air space created by the pockets does make a keeps the breeze that is constantly blowing the heat of your back,from getting to your back.

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    I too am agreeing with what everyone else has said. I do have both hammocks but my Clark is a Tropical (less pockets and they are widely seperated). So pockets for warmth is not something that happens with my clark. I got the double layer BB for skeeter protection. I use under quilts with both my hammocks. I've tried blow up sleeping pads inside each hammock and didn't like them. You will need to try that when you get your hammock. I have tried the NA Clark and noticed a huge increase in heat between that and my Tropical. So the pockets, just by themselves, do add some warmth. With my Clark and my BB, if I don't put some kind of insulation under me, I'm cold. Well, that is unless the night time temps are over 75 degrees.
    One thing I can say about the differences between the clark and the BB is that laying in them is like the difference between night and day. They are very different from each other. But as far as insulation, for me it requires the same insulation for both hammocks for me to stay warm.


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    Thanks again to all of you for the help. This and info from past threads I dug up are going to help in my decision.

    TinaLouise brings up another question I have but I will start a new thread so this one doesn't get sidetracked.

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