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    best set up for tall UL Hiker

    I am 6'5" and about 230 so I am looking for the "perceived" best hammock for my size and at the lightest weight.

    Many seem to top out at 6 foot.

    I have a sierra snivler already from tent camping so I suppose I need an underquilt, a hammock, and some sort of suspension?

    Any suggestions from tall users?


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    Quilts :P
    First i would like to say Welcome to the forums
    and it's nice to have another UL backpacker

    as for whats the best bang for the weight it all depends on your needs
    at your size most hammocks the vendors sell should be fine ....
    the WBBB(warbonnet blackbird) is in my eyes the best hammock out there
    if your looking for one with a net

    if you don't need a net your going to save yourself alot of weight but most places in the US you need the net in hot weather ...
    my base weight is under 8lbs without food and water for 3 season
    i carry a WBBB dbl 1.1 and use a OES micro tarp
    so far i'm liking this combo ...but only time will tell
    also TTTTG (tree to tree trail gear) has the Light hiker ...i never used one but i was told it's a really nice hammock so you might want to check it out
    it really comes down to needs .....
    as for UQ's and TQ's All quilts are made equal if you ask me all the vendors quilts are all comes down to what works best for you
    i like to mix and match at times... i had or used just about every quilt out there and i can honestly say they are all very good
    It puts the Underquilt on it's hammock ... It does this whenever it gets cold

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    I'm an inch taller and about 20lbs heavier than you are. After trying a few setups out I just bought some ripstop, went to visit my Grandmother and had her teach me to sew. I mean make gear...

    I made my HH clone a full 12' long and love it! If I was trying to cut every ounce out I could make do with the more standard 10' length but the extra space made a big difference in my comfort level.

    Insultex is easy to work with and makes a great UQ. There are also some great threads on making quilts from cheap sleeping bags on here. For me DIY was the best way to go since I'm outside the "normal" size profile and I can now make the things I wanted but could never find someone who sold them.

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    thanks guys

    Man you dont know how many times I wanted to start making my own things. I have read and read on it, but keep chickening out.

    I went off the deep end and purchased awbbb 1.1 dbl as that seemed to fit my weight profile and the flatness profile seemed ok.

    I got their underquilt as well and am going to use my jrb top quilt I already have.

    I also purchased the zpacks hammock tarp to save some weight. ( I really like joes stuff anyway)

    I want to replace the suspension system, but need to find some videos regarding how that all works. the guy who owns whoopie slings sent me a link to some but it didnt work.

    I guess i need to figure out how to put my toys together now.

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    As for videos, this is the best. Start with that primer, and it will quickly go into the different suspension systems.
    Be like Bob

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