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Sorry, Michele, I forgot to add THAT part to my post as well....

Isn't that the truth! So why IS it that we have to pee more while camping than when at home? This happens even when it's warm outside for me, so I don't think it's the whole low body temperature thing.

I've been doing something similar to you headchange, and I think all I need is a little more practice....afterall, I've only slept in my hammock a total of 6 times now! Some nights are easier than others, so I think like anything else, I just need to do it more. I also like to remember that on the AT, the majority of my time will NOT be spent in a cold-weather set-up, so I look forward to the days when I can just hop right in and chill.

Thanks everyone.....hearing how everyone else does everything always gives me something to think about.