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    HH Supershelter review

    OK, so i purchased the HH supershelter for my DIY HH type hammock.

    My hammock is to specs of HH expedition deluxe.

    My hh clone differs from original only in that I use a whoopie sling suspension and ridgeline. I also run my fly on a separate ridgeline/snakeskins with sugical tubing tensioners.

    First, the supershelter fits well, and although installation does take a significant amount of time the first time, it can remain on hammock after that (except the underpad).

    I took the system out in last weeks California storms to try it out.

    -The hex fly is HUGE, even having it on a separate ridgeline I had lots of coverage, wind driven rain and snow never even touched the hammock.
    -Undecover fits snugly and easily goes into the snakeskins along with the hammock.
    -overcover, while limited in uses, ads good warmth, weather resistance, and installs easily.
    -Underpad is very light, not very bulky, and is much easier to set up compared to my UQ.

    -Lots of extra gear to pack (overcover, underpad, and UQ).

    -Underpads warmth value is not good at all. I brought a small underquilt I had made just in case and it proved very necessary. But, I just laid the underquilt on top of the underpad and was toasty even in sub 30 degree snowstorm. ( I use a Big agnes pitchpine sleeping bag so I have no bottom insulation outside of the hammock system.

    -Undercover is a pain to pack up after use.

    -Underpad is not split for bottom entry, this was easily fixed by just folding it over to the side where my feet rest in the hammock.

    Overall impressions:

    This system is well worth the cash ($99) I shelled out for it. Even without the top cover I was warm and dry and confident I would stay that way all night. Packing an underquilt may not have been necessary, but a fleece pad or something should definantly be included in all but warm weather. The entire system is light and packs down small (smaller than any synthetic UQ I have seen or made, and smaller than many down ones too).
    I did use the top cover on the worst night, but probably didnt need to as I wound up sleeping in boxers, with a 40 degree rated bag, and was still sweating!

    Excellent overall performance, very well made (in China) and well worth the investment.

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    Thanks for the test results, Orynge. Good use of that UQ inside the SS!

    Sounds like I am able to go a bit warmer than you with the HH pad. Just curious, did you use the recommended space blanket on top of the HH pad?
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