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    Quote Originally Posted by JGON View Post
    I might be interested in this... I will need to check my schedule a little closer to the date, but keep me posted!

    There are also three backpacking shelters on the ice age trail in the Kettle Moraine Southern Unit. They are fun, have some sturdy trees nearby,. and a fire ring...

    Cool, let me know. I planned it as a Bush craft event for skills training and just "hanging" around. There will a few "hangers" from BushCraftUSA coming as well.

    I need a weekend to just decompress. So fishing and relaxing sound good to me. There will be hikers in the group who will spend time hiking the trails. I just had a knee replacement in December and can only hump a few miles right now with a pack.

    The shelters are only reservable for one night. We have site 365 and 377. These are good hanging sites and are right on the lake.

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    I will take pics this weekend to show the hanging possibitiies

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwellman View Post

    Entering my second season of hammock camping, I am still learning the ropes... and webbing... of the best practices.

    Hilo and myself are planning to hang together in South Central Wisconsin sometime in the coming weeks and I thought I'd open the invitation to any and all HFers to join us.

    Anything coming of this?
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    Not sure about these fellas but I am having a small hang gtg at Ottawa lake in the southern moraine state forest on may 6-8 you are welcome to come if you like

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