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    I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas day.. cannot wait for my 1.1 dbl. Patience is a virtue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by angrysparrow View Post
    - The footbox isn't an 'addition', it's just a shaped piece of fabric to accomodate the non-asym cut of the BB's net. That was a patent workaround.

    - Instead of installing some sort of zip-mod, it would be cheaper to just get a Traveler (same dimensions as BB, just no net at all) for when it wasn't needed.

    - Many people find that a 'storm shield' promotes condensation. A properly pitched tarp will eliminate rain or spray anyway.

    - The side tie-outs don't have to be used. Some simply take that cording off anyway.
    I feel like I must point out the real benefit of the weather shield is not to keep out rain or spray but to keep out wind and keep in heat. I've never had condensation issues with mine. I simply leave a small opening unzipped above my head. In fact, I've zipped it tight and still had no issues. A weather shield makes a HUGE difference when the it's cold and windy. The value of a weathershield should not be underestimated in my opinion. I'd like to see them as a removable item that could be brought when the weather warrants it.


    PS I also own a WBBB 1.0 and love it. it's my warmer weather go to hammock.
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