Hi all,

I'm new here and kinda new to hammocking as well. I've been hanging for a few years, but only during the milder weather in between summer, summer, summer and winter here in GA (which means not too often ...)

I would prefer to go in cooler weather, but I have always fallen short in finding good staying warm methods.

Of course I had been reading posts everywhere about everyone's adventures in keeping warm in a hammock, and have had some interesting and rather humorous attempts at trying my own weird ideas.

I thought I'd share my bottom-of-the-barrel "adventure" in keeping warm, so that no one will repeat this, and if nothing else, you can have a good chuckle....

*This was before I really understood the "science" behind insulating- ESPECIALLY the need for breathability... lol

While at my local Pak Mail one day, I spotted the 1/8" foam sheet packing roll.....!!!
My wheels were turning, and I was back there the next day, and bought some.
I made a hammock shaped "boat" if you will, by sewing two sheets together and was even pretty successful in getting the banana curve going good...
I was pretty pround of this accomplishment, and decided I would add a mylar sheet to that by "quilting" it onto the foam.

This setup was going to go under my used HH Ex that I had purchased without the netting. I had added an under-sleeve already, and I figured I'd insert this pad-gizmo into that sleeve ...

So, I had that, and a ccf pad- and a top quilt and a hopefulness that I would be warm. I headed out on the AT here in GA in late November. Temps were in the low 30's that night.

I was nice and warm, and gloating over my victory... until, that is, I woke up the next morning...I was SOAKING WET !! I was very confused at first, thinking my tarp must have come loose during the night and it must have rained on me.... no, I saw with one eye opened the tarp was fine... did I pee in my hammock?? Nope.

Well, I literally had a tiny PUDDLE in the lowest point of my ccf pad from condensation!! Every inch of my DOWN sleeping quilt that had been touching the hammock was SOAKED too!

I've learned a thing or two since then at least

I'm still learning too... I'm slowly purchasing some JRB stuff (THANK YOU !)
and I am waiting to let others make their bloopers before I have another one for now!

Thanks everyone, for posting what YOU try, so I don't have to !