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    Byer Suspension Question

    My wife really surprised me the other evening. We were walking through REI to kill some time on a late Sunday afternoon. As we roll past the hammocks she really took a long look at them. next thing I know she has decided on the Byer traveller witht he mosquito net.

    Now, me being pretty new to the hammock game, and having bought a Black Bird for myself, I have never actually "rigged-up" a hammock. I can envision the need for a ridgeline to keep the mosquito net up off of her but I am struggling with the suspension beyond that. My only experience is with the Black Bird's strap suspension.

    I know I need some tree straps and carabiners or dutch clips to secure to and protect the tree, but what is the best bet for her to get the straps attached to the hammock's end loops?
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    The pic I saw on the net showed a simple end channel. You could pick up these from AHE as well as some webbing. Just feed the "chain link" as Paul calls it through the end channel and girth hitch it. You'll then have a similar set up as your BB.
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