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    Insulation above, between or below?

    I have the SS and love it for weight and function. I have had it below 25*F with no problems. What I wonder is if I want to add insulation (i.e. clothing or jackets) under the hammock does it go above the Space Blanket, between the space blanket and the UP, or below the UP?

    My current setup goes UC under UP under SB under exped hammock.

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    I think the answer will depend on the type of insulation that you are adding. The UC fits fairly snug and down requires loft/air space to be effective so I'd say it goes to the outside of the UC. A synthetic insulation, one that is less compressible could go to the inside but you would loose some of the insulation due to compression so again, go to the outside unless it was a thin layer. HYOH

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