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I have seen cross sections of sleeping bags years ago that were sewn thru BUT two layers, the seams staggered so that where you have the most loft in one layer of sewn thru construction you have the seam of the other one sewn through. Using 1.1 oz fabric, that would only add about six ounces max to the overall weight,
NOW FOR THE GOOD PART: If you made two quilts and staggered the seams in this manner, ( Start the say 6 " seams on one at 6 inches and start the 6 inch seams on the other at 3 inches)you could NOT sew the two together, rather, VELCRO the outside edges together to make a summer/winter Quilt, of two summer quilts. That is the way I am going to make mine when I make my quilt.

That's a pretty goot idea. For awhile I was toyin with a similar idea of making a 2 or 3 inch thick quick that was really narrow to add to my UQ in the winter. Zelcro would probibly work better.

I'm trying hard now to make all of my gear work for as many different ways and temps I can. I am more inclined to use a thick UQ yearround underneath. Depending on the temps I can be fine all night with that and nothing overtop. Or I can hang the UQ lower if I am too warm.