Here's my take on all 3 based on my dealings with all 3 types of tarp materials:

Silnylon - cheapest, packs relatively small, stretches overnight and in rain, weighs the most, fabric is not noisey.

SpinnUL - Less weight, packs the largest, does not stretch, some reports of falling acorns tearing the fabric (I've never experienced it), costs a little more, fabric is NOISEY but it does die down the more you use it.

Cuben - Least weight, packs the smallest, costs the most, sewn cuben is weaker than bonded cuben at the seams so reinforcing sewn parts is recommended which will lead to additional weight, much less noisey than SpinnUL.

To sum it up:

If you want something relatively cheap and packs small - Silnylon

If you want something a little lighter and pack size is not an issue but dont want to break the bank - SpinnUL

If weight and packability are your main concern and dont care about spending over $230 for a tarp - Cuben