So when I first joined the forums, I saw lots of stuff on the Molly Mac Pack, briefly glanced at it, didn't understand what it was, and put it out of my mind.

Now, as I'm starting to think about what I want in a pack, and I started researching MOLLE and ALICE packs, I understand it better, and think it looks brilliant. It's now on my short list of gear, with a few questions:

How's the comfort? I can guess that compared to the metal or plastic frames of the MOLLE/ALICE packs, it's a dream. But the biggest question I have is about the shoulder straps. On the original models, it looks like Mac was using surplus military style shoulder pads, which I gather were heavy, but more padded. The new straps look like they are made in house, but look to have much less padding. I realize that much of the weight of this style pack is designed to rest on the waist with the wide hipbelt, which in itself looks much more padded. But how do the shoulder straps feel, for those of you that might have one? Too thin, too minimalist, or just right?

I currently have a 70L EMS pack, and was looking to pick up a smaller day/overnight pack for those times when I just want to do a quick overnight and the big pack would be overkill. The idea of a modular frame pack that's light and can be configured however I like it, to whatever size I need is majorly attractive, but call me old fashioned, when it doesn't have big cushy pads and straps, my shoulders and waist hurt just looking at it. I'm sure not the case, but a little reassurance can't hurt.