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I use a Wal-Mart blue foam sleeping pad that cost me $6.00. They show something very similar on their website that cost $12.00, but it comes with tie straps.


I lay a piece of "Bubble Foil" insulation the same size as the pad on top of it. The Bubble Foil cost about 25 per sq ft (by the roll), and weighs about .47 ounces per sq. ft. Call a local home insulation contractor, tell them what you want it for, and ask if they'll sell you a piece. If they have it, most will. Even if they double what it cost them, it will still only cost you about $6.00.

So, I have $12.00 bucks in my set-up. For both warmth and lightness I'd bet on it against any down UQ and any expensive pad any day.

Bubble Foil

And I enjoy Boulevard Single Wide IPA when I get back from backpacking
What is the lowest temp you've been in with that setup and remained comfortable?