Okay, while I am not a hammock expert, I thought I'd weigh in with my impressions on my first night in a Blackbird. You should know I have spent only about 12 nights in a Hennessey Expedition with different configurations, but have never dealt with either hammock in hot weather or bug situations.

The Hammock: Blackbird DL 1.0
Insulation: Hennessey Underpad with Space Blanket
Tarp: Hennessey Hexfly
Suspension: Strap and buckles

The BB is nice and light. I really liked being able to set up my bed before getting in (I know you can do that with a HH but it's trickier). I liked the RL being out of the way and it seemed a little higher. One unexpected bonus is that the thinner fabric of the BB made it so I could see where my underpad was because of the light making it through the hammock fabric. I liked how easy it was to place my insulation between the layers. Yes I loved the shelf. I liked the easy adjustability of the buckles (which are amazingly light). I liked the quality of the zipper system. And I also liked the lie, no bump where the velcro is in the HH.

I found the buckles a little tricky to loosen (I suspect there is a thread showing a simple way to loosen off when there is tension but for a first time it was tough). It may be me, but I think the BB was a little cooler. I slept fine, but I suspect it's just the difference in the thickness of the two hammock fabrics (OTOH this will likely be a plus in hot weather). I also wonder how huge the trees are where Brandon comes from. I like the thinner webbing, but wonder if most people cut them short.

Overall, I am very, very happy with the WBBB and will be moving it up to preferred status. I still like my HH, but for weight, function, and lie, I like the Warbonnet Blackbird even better.