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    I'm moving to quilts.

    Simple version. Claytor hammock, can use and I have pads. Need under/over/around quilt to replace 20 degree bag. I need input on:

    JRB No Sniveler, Mt. Rogers, Hudson River
    Speer Pea Pod, Frog Sac + ?
    Some other quilt
    Down Mummy bag

    JRB Mt. Rogers is leading in my mind right now for versatility. The Frog Sac might be nice if I could find something to compliment it and get me a more modular setup.

    Long version:
    I was going to just make do with a synthetic mummy bag and some pads, but I just did a test packing and the thing just takes up too much space. I most need something that packs smaller than a fire hydrant. I have one bag dedicated to sleeping junk (on a bike) with specs below.

    Height x Width x Depth inches
    16.5 x 9.1 x 12.6

    40 liter / 2441 cu inches

    Let's not talk about weight, it'll make you cry. Ok, ok, 67 ounces for the pair of bags.

    And heres the junk thats getting tossed in the bag. Claytor hammock which means double bottom pad friendly. Speer Winter Tarp which packs up nice and small. I'll probably drag around the Claytor camo diamond tarp for a bike tarp and to be stealthier/lazy. These with stakes and the synthetic bag maxed out my packing size pretty well. If I got a quilt that would pack in a reasonable way, I should be able to get some pads into this bag instead of having to find another place for them.

    I expect that I will have to sleep on the ground at some point. Three season is the focus, but you never know when cold will show up. I don't take up much space at 5'6" and 135 pounds. This makes me think I can get away with the JRB Mt Rogers and use it Pea Pod style in the cold, and as an underquilt in warm weather and just layer for the weather. I don't think flipping the hammock over to work around the bug netting will be any issue. The only issue I see is the quilt wouldn't be as long as the hammock, and I can't picture what this would mean in real world use.

    I haven't seen a lot of talk about the large JRB quilts. It appears to be smaller and a lot lighter than a Pea Pod from Speer. Should work as an over quilt and Pea Pod style out of the box, and rigging it up as an underquilt should be possible I hope. Is there something I'm missing about the Mt. Rogers? It seems to be very versatile and the weight and pack size seem very reasonable. I haven't seem much talk about this or it's brothers here though.

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    I have a JRB, Awesome! I also have a Speer Snugfit. Double Awesome. Both are great and much better than pads IMHO.
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