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    SOLD: Polyester Microfiber Hammock

    I've wanted to make a gathered end hammock out of microfiber.
    A while back, I found some Polyester Microfiber Ripstop. It has a very nice, soft feel to it...very little or no stretch. So, I ordered 4 yds and made a single layer, gathered, no net hammock.
    The extra length made a big lays very, very flat.
    I'm 5'10" and 200 worries

    Fabric ~ black, Microfiber Ripstop - 1.92 oz/yd - 132" (11') x 58" - 111" ridgeline - gathered/whipped like a Blackbird
    Weight ~ 13 oz

    $60 shipped US paypal requested
    included ~ Warbonnet line/strap suspension with triangles + carabiners + black bishop stuff sack
    (sorry, the boy is NOT included!!)
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