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    Compression kills

    I made a Ray Jardine quilt, and after 1 season, it lost about 1/2 of its loft. I've now gone back to down.


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    Not to change the subject, but I don't buy into the whole down is worse than synethic when wet arguement. They both suck when wet. I handwashed my down jacket and had to work it and hold it under water before it was fully socked through. I wore it in light rains without any problems, not for too long though.

    The only time I think it will get wet is in your pack or when it is set up. Either one is caused by bigger problems. I love hiking all day in the rain knowing that everything in my pack is bone dry. I also love laying in my hammock during rainstorms knowing I will be bone dry.

    I bring this up only because it is the only reason I see people giving for synethic over down.
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    I agree. I bought into the synthetic marketing blitz a while back. Now, when I have a choice, I always go with down.

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    OK, first: clearly down is better than synthetic..oh sorry Mahem, you asked me not to do that didn't you, just kidding.

    I tend to agree with what your saying about compression sacks, I prefer having my gear in stuff sacks that are a little oversized so that soft things like clothes, quilt, hammock, etc. can conform to whatever shape needed in the pack. When everything was compressed bullet hard (the way I used to do it), it was always like trying to work a 3D geometric puzzle to fit the pieces in the pack and fit things in the open spaces.

    I'm not sure I'm with you on the super size pack deal though - I like the smaller trimmer package on my back (its much easier when going off trail, scrambling in rocks etc) and of course my big problem with having a huge pack is just discipline related, I guess. If I pack all my stuff and the pack is only half full (or half empty - choose your philosophy), then I can't help adding to it - "my hatchet, it might prove really usefull on this trip, better throw it in theres plenty of room, and that old bake packer - I could make cake and bisquits! better take it, and my climbing gear - there may be some cliffs in the area that I might want to try so I'll throw that in too, and hey that smooth round rock over there- it could be handy if I have to pound in my tarp stakes and I loose the hatchet" and so on until I'm back up to 45 or 50 lbs.

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