Okay, there has been the age old beat a dead horse debate about wich is better down or synthetic. THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT WHICH IS BETTER!

The question I am posing is that the argument in a lot of cases is that you cant compress one type down as far as the other and it takes more space in your pack. Given that both types of insulation are on the light wieght side, does it not make sense to have a larger pack and store your insulation uncompressed. will it not last longer? I believe I've read numerous posts that compressing your quilt or underquilt whether it's synthetic or down degrades the quilts ability to insulate overtime. So should we carry a large pillow on ourt back and keep our quilts uncompressed.

I know Ray Jardine says he packs his quilt last in his pack to keep it uncompressed as possible. I probably wouldn't do this but could see stuffing it in the bottom of my pack or folding it and placing it in the bottom of my pack in no restrictive compression sack what soever.

Am I right in thinking this, does it make sense? So where the argument being "boy that's gonna be on the bulky side isn't it." If you stored either type uncompressed aren't they both bulky?