I appreciate this discussion concerning the KT. I will thru-hike the length in the fall, and any current information is tough to come by.

My opinion on the matter works like this. Indiana in it's vision for public land has been out to lunch forever. They have declared many of the primitive backwoods area's of places like Nebo, and Deeam, as MU's or Multi-Use. The damage that this has done, in the name of public for everyone, is horrendous.

I can no longer enjoy using many of those trails, which allowed me miles of unrestricted primitive camping. If night, weather, or weanieness, over takes me, I will do what I always do. Practice strict Stealth, and LNT, and move on.

The damage and destruction, that threatens our access to these areas, does not, and will never come form the Ultra/Lite Weight LNT'rs. If you overshoot your expectations, and have to bail into stealth mode for the night, no one should ever know, or you're not doing it right. You missed your goal anyway. Why would you want to even think of being around after first light anyway? You've got miles to make up!