That was interesting, however. Before going to
Vietnam in 1967 I went to the US Jungle Warfare School
in Panama, The Canal Zone.

When I got there I was issued a US Army Jungle
Hammock. I along with all the others at the school in
Panama used the Army Jungle Hammock's while out in the
Panama jungle training. I still have that hammock and
in 1968 when my year in VN was over I was assigned to
Ft Bragg, NC and the JKF Center for Special Warfare.
I was issued another Jungle Hammock which I also still

In VN most all the viet cong (the bad guys) used a
hammock and wrapped all their gear and food in it and
carried it over their shoulders as a pack. You could
tell where they "hung out at night" from the trees and
sometimes their blood, they were not very (LNT). I
picked up three of their hammocks from dead VC and
still have two of them. One of them was made out of
some type light silk or nylon and very light weight.
I have used that one for backpacking and you might say
was the idea for my first silk hammock. That hammock
rolls up about the size of a large apple and uses 550
cord - 4 ply.

The US Army did not use a hammock in VN as it would be
to dangerous. The hammock provides no protection from
attack as you are above ground level and have no
protection from gun fire or mortars. We always tried
to dig a hole that would put us below the level of the
ground around you. We killed many of the enemy as
they slept in their hammocks at night with our
artillery and air strikes.

Does the book say anything about how Che and his merry
band was run down like a pack of wild dogs and killed
by a small group of US trained "Guerrilla Fighters"?
The true account of that seldom gets covered as it
really happened.