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    Dayhike to Shortoff Mtn and the water tree

    Went with a buddy up Shortoff Mtn (in Linville Gorge) on Saturday. Our mission: to find the water tree. It was a good thing I had the GPS waypoint (thanks to the guys at!) because we lost the trail. Finally found the water tree after a little bit of scrambling! Whoohooo mission accomplished, and a good learning experience in using the gps. It was better than geocaching, because we both sat and drank the water for a pretty long time.

    The view was fantastic at the edge, the wind up there was very strong. Once all our "whoo buddy's" were said and lunch eaten, the plan was to hike back down and camp at Lake James State Park, where Duke Power had drawn down the lake water to work on the Dam. Next time we're camping up top though.

    The sign at the State Park said that all tents had to be on the pad, so we were curious to see what the Ranger would say about our hammocks just off the pad. She came by and brightly said that she had just bought an Eno Double and really enjoyed camping with it. She was very nice.

    A good trip, but a short one.

    Picasa Pics here.
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