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    Quote Originally Posted by traviso71 View Post
    I would love to make a bridge hammock, but the curves would destroy me.
    Just grab a strip of wood about a 1/4" thick and use it. Clamp or weights on the ends. Push the middle down the distance needed and mark and cut. I moved the middle point about 8" toward the head end. That's what I've done on the three prototypes that I have made and it works fine.

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    another good method is to take a tent pole, and tie string to each end making a bow, shorten or lengthen the string to change the curve. it's way easy,just trace and cut. then use washable glue stick to fold and hold the hem. it will probably be easier to sew than with pins, but you may not ever get it all out of the hem since it's waterproof (you probably coluld if you really wanted to), after it dried it probably wouldn't make much weight difference anyway.

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    [QUOTE=traviso71;47444]Thanks for all the comments guys, I really appreciate it! Ghost (or anyone else who made a zhammock clone) did you follow Risks instructions as given for sewing?[/

    My first one I did, and It turned out pretty well. For a hammock longer than nine feet I just added a few inches to the middle sections that I sowed. The last 2 I made for my dad and myself I roll hemmed all four sides first, then sewed the two pieces together. It was a lot more of a pain in the @$$ to do it that way, and somehow the length of the two pieces were different. I would suggest sewing it the way risk advises. Its easier, and it'll make sure all you pieces are the same width and length. my next one Ill make will be by the rsik method.
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    I just sketched it freehand. Worked out fine.

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