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    More people should buy American Made products. I thought Claytor was made in the USA WoW was I wrong I'll not buy anything from another country with out trying to buy the same or better thing in America first.......

    And then people B*&%$# when we lose jobs/manufacturers here and manufacters go to different countrys. In this small little two bit town we have lost two different manufacturers to other countrys and put some 1000 people out of work.

    More people should think about that when they are buying things. Now I am not saying you cant buy out of the country because most certainly there are things you just cant get made here anymore but we as Americans should do our very best to stomp out this crap while we can because if we dont this will continue to line the pockets of the other world instead of ours.

    quit makeing a living for other countrys and make a living and a place for you kids to work. Kid now day's have to move to bigger city's to find jobs after they get out of college and move away from what they new was home.

    Sorry I did'nt mean to hijack youalls thread but when I found that out it floored me because I was really thinking about getting a claytor to have around for my freinds that hike with me but I'll not make that mistake........

    Well said Cavediver2,
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