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    I tried the skins, but didn't like the way they packed. I use a BB Bag and love it; makes life simple, just stuff it and go. I used to think the water bottle tensioners were pretty neat and a good idea, but then I noticed how much the birds like to use my tarp for target practice and changed my mind about the tensioners.
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    Have both the SnakeSkins and those water bottle weight things; I'm a sucker for initially good ideas. The SS's for 19 bucks are worth it unless your sewing machine is right there set up and you have some slippery, easy to dry, nylon sitting around, and are ok at sewing seams. Henessey's water weight thing is awkward; They don't nest/pack well, if you want to emulate (not duplicate, avoiding Tom's dubious patent enforcement efforts) these things, simply get two caps from conventional plastic bottles, cut a hole in the top and put a funnel in it, with a little keeper ring functioning like a cotter key both holding it and providing a ring to attach it: That is, if you really need to emulate this contraption.
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