You probably know my Kenmore is actually a Janome, and I am loving it, It is computerized and knows when the needle is up or down and with a buttom you can make it go up or down. Wherever it is when you start sewing it ends up there when you are done, and one hit of the pedal moves makes ONE stitch either forward or reverse. Man! That is so nice. Also I can slow down the speed or lenght of stitch to just a few thousandths of an inch and sew three layers of webbing with no hitches or without even trying hard, using a ZZ stitch going around one time, instead of the mechanical machine needing to go around many times to fill up the zz stitch. That may have just been a problem with my old machine though. It would not make a very small stitch. Good luck with your new machine. I am modifying a hammock today to make it lay flatter than you can imagine. Steve