I recently made 4 Climashield XP (5oz) quilts for our family. These will be kept handy for emergencies and, since the family is beginning to warm up to the hammock idea, we now need lots of quilts!

I used 1.1 breathable DWR ripstop and tied them using regular-old acrylic yarn.

I made them sorta oval shaped. Having the foot end curve creates a pretty closed up footbox area when gathered, eliminating any need for a "plug" for the hole.

We all pretty much sleep on our sides, so having the top edge curved creates somewhat of a "hood" when gathered.

With the addition of loops, they can also be used as underquilts.

They are all *around* 78"L x 50ish" wide, and weigh in at about 1.5 lbs.


Opened up:

(My first time posting photos here- I hope it did this right! )