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    DIY Down Quilt

    Here's my latest, a down underquilt that I finished right before the Mt. Rogers Hangout.

    Let me start by saying thanks to all those who posted instructions here. I followed the path of least resistance (lazy?), and made mine as simply as I could.

    Ingredients were:
    • 2 78" x 50" panels of 1.9 oz Black DWR ripstop nylon.
    • 6 3" NoSeeUm mesh baffles
    • 7 3.1 oz. bags of 900 fill down (from Ed Speer's site)

    Measured, cut and hemmed the panels. Measured and cut out the mesh baffles. Marked with chalk (thanks Cuffs) where the baffles should be on the panels. Sewed the baffles to one side, sewed one end shut, sewed the baffles back the other way to the other side, sewed one side and the other end shut, hung the quilt on a clothesline and stuffed the down in, sewed the quilt shut. Rolled and hemmed the edges again. Made and sewed on 2 channels, one on each end, for drawstrings, and grosgrain on the corners in loops.

    I'm using a JRB suspension system to hang it.

    It turned out to be about 76.5" long and 48.? " wide.

    I had 7 bags of down, so I made 7 compartments (for lack of the actual term) for the down to go in. One bag per compartment.

    Weight is 2lbs, 5oz. stuffed in a stuff sack, and 2lbs, 3.5 oz without the sack.

    Here are some pics from the above linked Picasa album:

    I got to test it at Mt. Rogers at the HF hangout, and slept warmly.
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