Need help deciding between the Mountain Laurel Design hammock tarp in cuben and the zpacks hammock tarp in cuben. Both measure almost identically (8.5x10.6 for MLD and 8.5x11 for zpacks). MLD is 7.8 ounces and zpacks is 5.1 ounces. That's a big weight difference in the ultralight, gram weenie world. Oddly, the lighter zpacks tarp is $55 cheaper than the MLD. Here's the difference. The MLD tarp is 0.75/ounce cuben while the zpacks tarp is 0.51/ounce cuben -- thinnner, less strong material. My hammock is a Grand Trunk Nano 7, so it's just 9 feet long and the 1/2 inch extra ridgeline difference isn't important to me.

If I don't foresee myself regularly using the tarp in crazy heavy wind, and I don't plan to use it when heavy snow and ice will fall, wouldn't I be ok with the lighter, weaker and less expensive cuben zpacks tarp?

I currently have a MacCat Deluxe in Spinn, and love it. But I'm chasing the ultralight dragon. Also, does anybody else make a super light cuben tarp that is appropriate for a small hammock?