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    Quote Originally Posted by animalcontrol View Post
    ask and ye shall receive...hammock fans
    That's exactly the one I was thinking about! I went to camp as a kid my whole life, and these are bought dirt cheap. Every kid brought one to camp, and you know what, for the first two weeks they worked I have nothing against them, anyone who is older than 12 will make them last, we were more destructive

    Great fans, and I vouch for them 100%

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    Quote Originally Posted by FubyDoo View Post
    With that said.. If your under 6 foot 2 and under 250 lbs, get a $40.00 canvas bottom WWII Jungle Hammock and you will be just as pleased if not more.
    These BlackBirds, like the Hennessey are for big boys. What I mean is.. if your big..or HUGE in size. it's for you.
    This model will support 400 Lbs. And the material is plenty big!
    I got the double bottom to avoid skeeters..1.7 was available.

    If your of Normal size (American males are still 5ft 9 - 5ft. 10 and under 200 pounds on the norm) these are just overkill period. (IMHO)
    I don't understand what you mean. Are you saying the BlackBird has to much room inside? Is the fabric too strong in relation to your weight? I was under the impression that canvas is overkill for most guys and ripstop nylon is maybe underkill depending on the rating.

    Quote Originally Posted by FubyDoo View Post
    You will have nylon wrapped skin which will sweat in the summer and freeze in the winter..(IMHO)
    ventilation is less than a canvas hammock imho, even with the breathable fabric.. without a breeze going, your going to sweat! (IMHO)
    I agree with you there. Having the sun beat down on the BlackBird with a trap above it does appear to lock the heat in.

    Quote Originally Posted by FubyDoo View Post
    You will fight with yourself trying to find that sweet spot to lay in, that most talk's not canvas that you just lay on. (IMHO)

    An old Canvas bottom design lays like a can lay on your belly. You will not get the comfort canvas can afford you if you are of "Normal" size period. (IMHO)
    This statement is interesting. Is your hammock gathered end or of a bridge design? Can you do a video review on your canvas hammock?

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    If you use a stick or spreader bar with the old style hammocks they lay more flat. If you google hammocks and go to the wikipedia page for them the bottom of the page shows a picture using spreader bars on an old naval hammock. Although it's not necessarily flat in the picture you get the idea. I had to do this with my grandfather's jungle hammock from ww2 because of my size although the length still isn't adequate for me at 6' 5". None of this writing is meant to aid in any arguments, just a friendly explanation

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