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    Efabricsupplier Review

    I posted in another thread that I had ordered some fabric from Rachel at I wanted to start a new thread with a review of the entire process.

    First, great service from Rachel @ I sent her my questions and they were answered in a timely fashion. I placed my ordered via email and received a paypal invoice promptly. Shipping was free with a 10yd order and I was well over that.

    Fabric shipped next day via USPS and I received it in two day. Again, a very pleasant experience with the ordering process...Here is what I ordered...

    16 yards New Digital Camouflage 66" Coated Ripstop Nylon Fabric WP! ($3.50/yd on Ebay)
    10 yards New Black Calendered Ripstop Nylon Fabric WR! ($3.99/yd on Ebay)
    5 yards New Foliage Green Calendered Ripstop Nylon Fabric WR! ($3.99/yd on Ebay)
    3 yards New Golden Yellow 66" Calendered Ripstop Nylon Fabric WR ($3.99/yd on Ebay)
    3 yards New Purple Calendered Ripstop Nylon Fabric WR! ($3.99/yd on Ebay)

    I opened the order yesterday to take a quick look.... WOW.... Seems to be first quality materials with high thread count, rich colors, tight ripstop pattern... Very nice....

    I had more time this morning to fully inspect the order. As I pulled each piece out I was more and more impressed. I received anywhere from 1/2 to 1 full yard extra, thinking stuff sacks. Fabric was AWESOME quality and was exactly what I ordered.

    I have several projects planned for this material as you can imagine, as I work with each fabric I will be adding to this review. First up will be a tarp made with the Digital Camouflage.

    Digital Camouflage 66" Coated Ripstop Nylon Fabric WP

    First let me say 16yd of 66" wide fabric is a huge piece of fabric... I cut 2 4yd pieces from the 16yds. After laying out and making cuts I ended up with approximately 13.75yds total fabric. Placed on the scales it was 792 grams which worked out to 2oz/yd. This will be a large tarp, 144" ridge line and 120" wide even after catcuts on sides. The fabric cuts like a hot knife through butter with a quality pair of shears, applied a little tension and just pushed the shears through the fabric. Had both sides layed out and cut in under thirty minutes.

    Ripstop is 1/8"X1/8" grid as best I can measure, I don't have much experience with WP coatings and can not tell which side of the fabric it is on. I tried the standard blow through test and couldn't. I'll be doing a 24 hr water test tonight while I work on putting tarp together. I expect to be pleased with the results and will post them later...

    Close-Up Digital Camo Ripstop

    Tarp Panel Cut Out

    Purple, Golden Yellow, Foliage, and Black Ripstop... BEAUTIFUL COLORS...


    Stitched 144" Flat Feld seam for ridge in one hour, for me that's a record. Fabric had good traction, I didn't need to pin, tape, or iron and seam turned out great. There was no stretch in fabric from one peice to the other and ended up lining up perfectly. I'm not sure if that is a result of being coated or not. Fabric was very easy to handle and I'm please with final seam.
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