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    Gear closet clean out

    MSR Titan 2 Pot TI set: 100.00 SOLD

    MSR Miniworks EX Water Filter: 65.00 SOLD

    Feathered Friends Down Booties Medium: 60.00 SOLD

    Feathered Friends down Booties XXL: 60.00

    WM Cloudsrest Pillow (2): 30.00 EA. 1 LEFT

    REI Ti Ware Uncoated Frying pan: 15.00 SOLD

    BPL New Style 900ml TI pot: 50.00 SOLD

    Gregory Z30 Pack 2009 Green in color size large: 50.00 SOLD

    All items with the exception of the pack are like new with very little if any use. The pack is in great shape with no rips or tears and no significant abrasions. I would rate it at 80-85% of new condition.

    All pieces include shipping to conus.

    Paypal gift, or you add the fees in if you want for goods option. Either way if fine with me.
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    If I hadn't just spent $180.00 on gear today, I would have taken them XXL Booties off your hands.

    What are they rated to anyways for future reference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by genegene View Post
    If I hadn't just spent $180.00 on gear today, I would have taken them XXL Booties off your hands.

    What are they rated to anyways for future reference?
    not 100% sure but I can tell you they are twice as stuffed as my goosefeet. I just dont do enough winter camping to justify them

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    Filter and stove

    How old is the filter and how much use has it had? How about the stove (use)?

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    I love my Feathered Friends down booties!
    The Woooods!

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    I used the filter on one trip, and filtered about 4 litres through it. As stated its about brand new. I have a family of 3 and have gone to a gravity filter as its lighter and flow better for three of us.

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    stove has had about a small can of gas run through it. one camping trip, and some testing before that to see how many cooks I get out of a can.

    works perfect.

    I need a 2 litre pot for the family and think my windpro is more stable than this stove (although 7 oz heavier) for a 2 litre pot

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    What size is the pack?
    Also does the BPL pot have handles?
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    pack is size large, I edited the original post to show that, thanks for pointing it out to me

    here is a link to the pot

    All the details you could want to know

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    Let's get some scouts geared up.

    PM sent for Titan pots, Bpl 900ml, MSR filter, and Gregory z30.
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