Just did my first overnight in the BB at the local state park. First challenge was to find a site that had decent trees. I finally found a site with some well placed trees. Measured out 16.5" between the first trees I tried. That became a lesson in failure. I could not get the straps up high enough to keep my butt from dragging the ground maybe 6" high and keep the ridge-line from being so tight it strummed. I'd have had to pitch the tarp at smurf level to get good coverage.

I switched to trees that were about 11" feet apart and had much better luck pitching everything at a reasonable level. So my question is have others found that to be about the same? My Clark sweet spot was always about 13 to 15 feet. Seems like the Warbonnet is going to be more in the range of 11 to 13 feet which makes it a tighter fit for my big 11 foot tarp. Much farther than 13 feet and I need a step ladder to get up the tree high enough to keep the ridge-line in the condition Brandon shows in his video.

Lucky for me the rain quit long enough for me to setup because it would have been much more of a pain to switch trees in the pouring rain. The overnight in the rain went well even though I was not pitched the best direction to block the wind really.

Otherwise it went well. I had to fight with my UQ a bit on the head side because it kept wanting to ride under me but otherwise I slept in nice comfort and slept fully on my side for a few hours, something I could never really do in the Clark.

So what have you guys found to be the optimal tree to tree distance for you?