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    Very nice!

    The only issue I see is the overall length, and the corresponding need to hang long and high, but that's no deal breaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GvilleDave View Post
    So after making this hammock I found there were a few things I do not like. First, my suspension was not removable. As such I can not use the JH as a bivi as the design allows. So I reworked the suspension into what I think would be a good option for anyone with an original Claytor. Here's a link to the thread:

    I also did not like the way the bug netting was loose and there was lots of extra netting. To fix this I removed 2 ea 4" wide strips of netting from the width and 2 ea 4" wide strips from the length of the netting. This dramatically tightened the netting and it now has a better shape.

    I also added assymetrical tie outs on each side to help open up the interior. These were placed 15" away from the centerline on opposite sides.

    The last thing I changed was the ridgeline. Since this is my first DIY Jungle Hammock and it is a custom length and width I wanted the ability to adjust the ridgeline length and play with it to find a sweet spot. I installed a whoopie sling that adjusts from 100" to 132". The RL connects to each cinch buckle and then peirces the netting at each end.
    On the bug netting... is the piece of noseeum 8 inches smaller in width and length attached to the wider bottom pieces?

    Was this hard to sew? Do you have an upclose pic of the seams?

    Thanks... I'm about to start a new DIY project myself.

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