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    Wayne National OH Symmes Creek/Morgan Sisters Trail

    Day 1- Me, Crackedup, and Krugd hiked the Symmes Creek/Morgan Sisters trail on a 2 night trip this weekend. I got to the trailhead about noon and found Crackedup waiting patiently. We started the trail about 1230 and had a nice hikin to the rock formations. We lolly gagged around for a bit checkin out the sights and found a couple of unopened budlights and lugged them in our packs for a trail treat later. There are alot of beer cans along this trail as it is part of an ATV trail in places. It looks to be bit of a love nest as well. About the time we were done lookin around Krugd caught up with us and we were all three on our way. It started to drizzle about that time so we stopped to throw on our pack covers. Crackedup has a magic Packa because as soon as he put it on his pack the rain stopped. Wouldn't ya know it we were making a steep climb and it started to downpour. Yep Crackedup had removed his Packa and the rain came back. Packa back on rain stops. After pushin on we made it to Kenton Lake and found a stream to filter some water. I was beat. We found a spot in some pines and got our tarps setup just in time because it started to rain and we were pretty much confined to our tarps until morning. Overnight low 36f. Distance covered about 6.5 miles

    Day 2- We got up had breakfast and packed up to hit the trail to a nice clear sky. We stopped and had some lunch, excellent idea Don. We sat around in the sun for about 30 minutes and packed our stoves back up to hit the trail again. We came to some old building foundations and looked around a bit then headed downhill a half mile to filter some water. After that we headed up hill along a portion of the trail that had a great view of Symmes Creek. It was very narrow high up on the side of a hill. We made it back to the bridge and headed uphill again. We found a nice spot on top and setup camp about 4ish. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing, enjoyin the sun, and havin dinner. Once the sun went down we were treated to a great view of the Supermoon. It was like watchin a night version of a sunrise. I left my porch up and fell asleep to the moon rising into the night. Crackedup and Krugd heard some coyotes later on. Overnight low 32f. Distance covered about 4.5 miles.

    Day 3 - We all woke up refreshed about 7am. I had BFTH this time choosing to stay in the warmth of my Incubator and Burrow until I absolutely had to get up. We broke camp and had a really nice hike out to the trailhead for the last mile and a half or so. I was really glad to have someone out there with me because there were a few places I would have gotten lost. Crackedup was indispensable with his GPS Map app and Krugd is a very experianced hiker and his trail knowledge was much appreciated. Thanks again for the Tyvek groundcloth! My battery took a dive after the first day so the pics are from day 1.
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