I don't want to cause a fuss, but I'd like to say that I would appreciate it if you would all post measurement units for all quantities. Specifically temperature: "32 degrees" is ambiguous, but 32C is very hot and 32F is very cold! Similiarly "below zero" could be very cold or very, very cold. Often the meaning can be taken from context, but I'd hate to misinterpret what someone else has written. This is a 'global' site, but different units are used in different parts of the world. I have no problem mentally converting F to C, lbs to kg or ft to cm, but only if the units are obvious. Sometimes I have to check who is writing a post, then where they're from, so I can figure out what units they are likely to be using.

Again, this message is not intended to be a criticism. I thoroughly appreciate it when unambiguous units are included in a post here, and, as I said, I can often work it out if the units are not specified. But, if you do post something with some measurements, please specify your units.

Thank you,

(Now waiting for the inevitable flurry of hogsheads, furlongs, chains and Potrzebies)