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HaPpy Birthday! thanks for the video this am watched it while i ate my oatmeal wishing i was out there too!
thx -glad you watched something better than the news has been latelyr
(QUOTE=Cranky Bear;432019]Great stuff bro! Happy B-day, hope it's the best yet!!![/QUOTE]
thx -it was a good one for sure

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Nice little wander in the woods, thanks for sharing

Don't they say life begins at forty ?
thx -they do say that -i guess we'll see

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Enjoyed watching that this morning pal ... thanks for sharing and a Happy Birthday!
thx for the wishes

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You don't look a day over 39!! Thanks for the trip report. Looks like a very pretty area.
thx -it's where i grew up playing

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Looks great Super T. Happy Birthday to you. Sitting next to a fire by the creek is the way to do it
yes but soon it will be better to be sitting by a fire and fishing too

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Happy Birthday! I turned 40 last year but feel much younger. Age is a state of mind as long as the body doesn't tell you otherwise.
thx -i am trying to tell a few body parts the same thing

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Happy Birthday.
Thanks for posting. I noticed the slight disapointment in being 40. I am one year ahead of you. Treat each day as it is a gift from God and it gets better. That is atleast what I am telling myself. Sometimes when I get out of bed it feels like I am paying for Adam and Eves's sins.

yep, it's Eve's fault -40 would not be so bad if we lived as long as Methusela

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Happy B-Day! Glad you got to get out on your B-Day.

It's just a number so no worries.
thx man ,no worries -just playing it up