I knew this would happen I'm thinking of the 11x8.5x7 Zpack (like the one shown on the site) but with doors. Has anyone done a different design? Do most get pullouts? I don't use them now, but I did buy grip clips with the intention of adding them to my current tarp, just seems like more stakes to carry. What about cat cut? From what I've read here, it's still a good thing.
Also, I have a continuous ridgeline already which I will keep, so do I need to talk with Joe about having attachment points for them?
Anyway, I need to order soon so I'll have it for a summer trip, 8 week waiting list now. I appreciate your input.
PS I've researched all the posts here to date re:cuben, still seeking help.

Thanks in advance,
Leigh (in an ongoing pursuit of the lite)