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I have a BMBH and had it out this past weekend. I am a big guy with broad shoulders. I wouldn't say shoulder squeeze is a problem per say, it is just a different feeling compared to a gathered end hammock. I will say that in my BMBH hammock I found that I couldn't lay with my arms at my side due to how the arc is cut in the suspension and how the hammock fabric conforms to your body in that area.

The spreader bar length plays a factor into the overall feel of a bridge hammock. My BMBH spreader bars are 31" between the notches in the ends of the bar. From what I understand the design Grizz is producing is using a 36" spreader bar at the head end and a much smaller one at the foot end.

Hope this helps.



There is an idea I wouldn't have thought of, I'll try making some longer spreader bars, thanks.

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My spreader bars are about 9 inches from the end of the hammock to move them closer to the shoulders.
Squeeze is not a problem for me and I've never been accused of being small.
Can I do this on my hammock, and if so, HOW???