I've been lurking for a while, but haven't contributed, so I figured its time to start!
I took the boys for our 5th successful hammock camping expedition this past weekend. I love the twentymile creek area (flyfishing!) and wanted to head back that way because of its natural splendor (and big rainbow I saw in a particular hole there ;-) ). We stayed at CS93 last year and it was in a nice location, but the site itself was not the most scenic. We decided to try a new area, CS95, Dalton Branch. This was just within my youngest son's (4 years old) 2.5 nile range.

Here is the crew at the trailhead.

Crossing the log footbridges over Moore Springs branch.

The water was high and fast. If you looked down, it would disoreint you quickly!

Jack the oldest loves hunting for salamanders. This is the first of 2011, a blue ridge two-lined salamander.

Floweres were blooming all along the trail. It felt good knowing spring was here.

Wolf Ridge trail eventually turned away from Moore Springs to follow high above Dalton Branch. We passed this huge pine tree along the way. I love huge old trees. (and this photo doesnt do this giant justice.)

The trail was deserted, though we saw a few bootprints in the wet spots of the trail, I suppose everyone was headed further up the trail to the balds. Once we reached the campsite, we had it to ourselves. We quickly set up the hammocks, and took a break.

Here are the boys in their hammocks "bunk bed style". I thought I would have to help Jack into the top bunk, but I turned around for a minute and when I looked back he was already up there!

This was the first trip where I get to sleep alone. The youngest has always slept with me, and I decided this year I was going to actually sleep during our trips. It felt nice to relax in my own hammock.

Pretty nice view too.

After a break I started dinner while Jack and Nolan hung the bags from the bear cables and Eli played me a song on the harmonica.

Nolan loves the show "survivorman" and always likes to make pine needle tea, and here he is enjoying a cup.

We made a nice roaring campfire and sat around it talking, and telling stories until 10pm.

This guy was having a good time sitting around the fire, but was starting to get tired.

I know this picture is blurry, but I think you guys can forgive, I was laying in the hammock when I took it, and the wind kept rocking me. I tried to take a long exposure so you could see just how bright the full moon was. It was the most beautiful night Ive spent in the woods. The hammock was lined up perfectly so as the moon came up it passed right over me.

The hike back was fun, we had a good time ( a great time, one of our best trips ever!), though I still didnt catch the big one (trout). Ill be back!