Hey Folks,

So...I've been in limbo with OES tarps to try and get a MacCat Deluxe SpinnUL. Recently Brian from OES e-mailed me saying that the quality of the SpinnUL has not passed weatherproofing, which I guess has been going on for the past six months. What this means is that there will be no SpinnUL coming. My set up is a HH hyperlite with yeti UQ. I went for the deluxe because I liked the idea of the bigger tarp providing better protection, especially since I'm still fairly new at this hammocking stuff. Since I must get a silnylon tarp, I was thinking of going with the standard instead since the weight is the same as the SpinnUL deluxe. I was just wondering if the standard will be adequate. I will use this setup thru-hiking the AT SOBO this year. Do you think I'd have any issues with the standard?