I have been building the Hammock setup that I feel fits me the most, though I have yet to set up my hammock because I do not have all the integral parts that I need yet, and this will be my last question before I get everything else I need....(so this jerk says)

I just ordered 25 ft of polyester webbing from strapworks.com with two inch loops sewed into either end. I'm going to cut the webbing in half so I have two 12.5 ft lengths of webbing with one end open and the other closed, this will be my suspension. Now here's my dillema, everyone either talks about using a carabiner or Dutch clip to connect their webbing once it's wrapped around the tree. What's the harm in just passing it through the already made loop instead of bringing that added weight? Does it put more stress in a concentrated area? Does it weaken the strength of the loop?

Then from there I'm going to run the webbing down to my hammock to a cinch buckle attached to my hammock.