SMD Starlite with short waist belt and optional belt pockets. 2007 model, bluish/purple color.
Regular shoulder straps.
pack is in almost original, new condition with the exception of one of the "ladder" style attachment points for the torso adjustment was somewhat frayed, does not appear to effect perfomance and came to me that way from SMD. This doesnt seem to be an issue but I thought Id point it out anyway. I used a small amount of silicone there to avoid future fraying...

Used 2x- spotless condition

comes with homemade stays if you want them. If not, the pack still carries a moderate light load very well w/out stays.

this thing is huge for me, way too much volume for my UL loads and I cant see using it again, so for a perfect pack, that is very comfortable and retails for $180 + ship, I feel the asking price of $100* is more than fair. I take PayPal.
*shipping to CON US only should run about $5