So glad to find this forum. Hoping to get a bit of advice....
IŽm not so ŽnewŽor new to hammock camping exactly - tho didnŽt know there were so many ppl out there enjoying this style of travel!

Last year as a birthday present to myself, I spent 8 weeks hammock camping in Panama. Of course IŽve spent considerable time enjoying hammocks in many situations living in Costa Rica the past 4 years. A few years back I didnŽt know hammocks were comfortable - go figure with those waffle leg maker - button eater - fishing nets that are sold to most americans.

I had - yup sold it to a really big guy who always wanted a hammock, I just couldnŽt say no to the poor man - a Hammock Bliss triple with mosquito cocoon, used it as my bedroom on a couple farms, then as a spare room for visiting friends in an indian village before I sold it. I made my own mosquito cocoon the second time and used it on an inexpensive local made hammock for the 8 week trip - worked fine - used plastic sheeting from a hardware store for a tarp. Was fun and I slept like a baby. And ya it was not lite... but hey I didnŽt need many clothes and sodas or pulperias were close by so I didnŽt need to carry food or hike a really long way (well, a couple times).

SOOOO - I have some time on my hands, yet again, and just decided it is time to hike the AT. Yup at 52-3 (IŽll have a birthday out there) IŽm gonna just do it. I am on a limited budget and have a few things already. I LOVE Simplicity and minimalism and being frugal.... What advice do you have about gear - especially a choice of hammock on a budget. I will probly use the backpack I have now, itŽs seen some use and itŽs fine so why change. I love bandanas and have a collection - probly 3 will go with me, just cause, I use them for everything - towel-washcloth-hankie(a ladies snot rag guys)-coffee filter-make your own cheese cloth-heck you name it....
I also have a good long sleeved zip shirt from LLBean IŽll keep and use.

Due to stuff beyond my control, I will start my hike during the first week of May. Oh and another factor - I live out of my backpack, so nothing stays ŽhomeŽ, it just gets recycled or freecycled!

Please forgive my attempt at humor, if it isnŽt to your liking, it certainly is not intended to offend anyone.

(In case you are wondering, I grew up in Maine, spent 20+ yrs in VA, 5 yrs in Times Square NYC and 4 yrs in Costa Rica... )