I'm continuing my attempt at returning to backpacking on a crazy tight budget. I've managed to score a nice pack darn cheap, I'm building my hammock and trekking poles, among other bits, but I'm going to need a top quilt, at least to start with. I hope to make my own eventually.

Anybody got a 3 season top quilt or sleeping bag under 3.5lbs they're interested in unloading on the cheap?

I'll trade if I can, but I don't have a ton of backpacking related items to trade just yet. I do have the ability to build a rather nice bushwacker sort of wood/esbit stove, as well as custom fiberglass cases as I mentioned in the DIY section. I also have a spare Singer thread injector that with a quick trip to a service bench, ought to make a good machine for the DIYers in the crowd.