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    Quote Originally Posted by Law Dawg View Post
    True but I could not begin to fathom the pain of my bride being crushed right in front of me. When it's your time no prep will save you. In California an advanced motorcycle safety coach was recently killed riding his bike in the rain. Seems a cager lost control on the opposing lanes and bounced off other vehicles into him. It was his time...if anyone had the skills to avoid it was him.

    Sad by any measure.

    I can only imagine what he is going through , Was just feeling for the families too not having to have two funerals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by medicjimr View Post
    I can only imagine what he is going through , Was just feeling for the families too not having to have two funerals.
    I hear ya Jim...silver linings come only when things hurt it seems.

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    as a side note, we should all keep in mind that lightning strikes the tallest thing around as well , so an ounce of caution makes a big difference when setting up your site

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    Man oh man! This just happens way too often ( once is too often!).

    After a life time of camping and hiking, only since becoming a hanger have I been so aware of the threat of trees- to tenters, hangers or even just hiking!

    I expend a lot of effort trying to find both small (just large enough) trees to hang from, and away from big trees. Of course, such a perfect site is often just not available. To be honest, tree and large branch threat scares me to death, more than lightning or bears in bear country. Last time I was sleeping in bear country- Wind Rivers in WY- one otherwise beautiful site proved to be SO very difficult to find a safe spot. To find 1st two safe and smaller trees to hang from PLUS 2 trees that were not within range of 50 to 100 foot widow makers that looked like they might come down in the 1st big wind. And they will be coming down sooner or later. For the 1st time ever, had me wishing for a tent so I could get out in the meadow. I guess I could have gone to ground with my tarp out in the meadow, but I didn't.

    My heart breaks for the survivor and the families.

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