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    Cleaning off the shelves -webbing edition

    So from time to time we make the wrong length, an order gets changed, the wrong color thread is used. So we have gotten to where I need to clear off the shelves of excess straps. These are 100% functional nothing wrong with them in any way other than they did not match up with an order for one reason or another.

    They are one only and first PM reserves them. Price is figured based on the finished length rather than total webbing before sewing, and then $1.00 off of that length. Depending on the configuration of the strap that is 2-3 bucks off retail. Shipping will be a flat $2.50 added for a single strap and flat $3.50 for multiple sets. If you want to combined shipping with a order from the store let me know and we can work that out.

    Webbing suspension has loop sewn into one end of each strap, Tree straps has loops on both ends of each strap. They are in pairs for a complete set for 1 hammock. Length is measured tip to tip on one strap (ie. #1 is a total of 26 feet of webbing if laid out end to end.)

    I will edit and remove straps as quick as possible as they sell.

    All straps are sold at this point...Thanks everyone. Keep and eye out we will be cleaning other areas of the shop soon and have more stuff to clear out.
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    pm sent for #7

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