Hi guys

After seeing some of the day trip reports i just wanted to show you my "hood"
I jumped on my bike and headed out..... I'm very lucky - i live near a lot of very nice and accessible nature, and this time it was in Rude-forest.
It was one of my first trips into the woods on bike again, have had a close to 5 years break from biking because of health issues. And it was a chance to mess a round and play movie director

Anyway it was a really nice trip - nearly ran over a deer, drank a nice cup of tea, had a little snooze and logged around 17 miles. All in all a nice afternoon.

And forgive me for the rather lousy video quality(it's my boy's camera) and all the rambling(well that's just me) But this is my first try at video production.

So here it is.... Bomber's first youtube video

To the mods: if this is to much of a gear ramble, feel free to move it.